BSN Nursing Curriculum at Lincoln University

The nursing curriculum for LincolnUniversity has been created collaboratively by members of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. 

This evidence-based curriculum was designed to represent the goals of Lincoln University’s strategic plan, AACN/CCNE Baccalaureate Essentials, Quality and Safety Education in Nursing (QSEN), the ANA Standards of Practice, the National League of Nursing Excellence Hallmarks, recommendations made in the Institute of Medicine Report: The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, and the goals outlined in the NCLEX-RN Detailed Test Plan of 2013. The sources selected to guide the curriculum are based on the most reliable and current research evidence available. Our educators will employ best evidence to instructional design, instruction, and practice.  

Our curriculum is divided into two parts: pre-nursing and nursing.

    *The pre-licensure curriculum total 64 credits of liberal education courses.

    *The nursing-specific program totals approximately 58 credits with students having the option to take electives.

Nursing students will have learning experiences in the simulation laboratory. The lab will be maintained by the simulation and skill lab coordinator. Nursing students will have scheduled and unscheduled simulation experiences.